Sylwia Kieszkowska

Process-Oriented Psychotherapist, Depth Psychologist, Supervisor

Psychotherapist and Counselor in Barcelona, Sylwia Kieszkowska

Therapeutic work is a great passion and a privilege for me. What I appreciate the most in the therapeutic practice is meeting another person and keeping them company as they share their world.

Life is a journey that includes adventures of crossing rivers and climbing mountains. I work with clients to develop awareness about their journey and find creative ways to enrich their path. I encourage them to believe in their experiences and find new viewpoints to develop ways to flow with their lives.

Through a warm, respectful connection and curiosity, I help them to explore things that trouble them, figure out what is going on and release hidden resources inside difficulties.

I am interested in applying therapy methods to relationship issues, work difficulties and health and body symptoms. It is important for me to respect the difference and diversity of every experience and to believe in the wisdom of the process.

Some of the approaches I use include: awareness of lifestyle issues to make a change, unfolding experiences to understand them more deeply, development of skills to work with conflicts, finding new ways to center ourselves and overcome fears, noticing where we are in the moment to become more present in our lives. I also love finding ways to bring art, creativity and dreams into everyday life.

Privately, I am passionate about travelling, yoga and natural medicine. I love cultural diversity, dreams and wild nature.

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