Depth Psychology

Depth psychology explores the hidden and deeper parts of human experience by seeing things in depth rather than taking them apart. It is the study of the Unconscious, that is outside of our awareness, but takes part in every aspect of our life. Since the unconscious is unknown, our vision of the self is very limited.

The Unconscious has  its own language and logic. It communicates messages through dreams, symbols, symptoms, slips of tongue and synchronicity. The study of these phenomena helps us to uncover and reveal the repressed aspects of our psyche. It opens the gate to the unconscious from inside the limited self we experience in everyday reality, which allows to enter the depths of the soul.

Depth Psychology challenges norms and asks more questions rather than focusing on fixed answers. It looks beyond symptoms to find the underlying reasons rather than simply trying to fix and eliminate them. It seeks to put issues into larger context using image, story and myth, knowing that our unconscious is determined also by a cultural and social heritage.

Depth psychology listens to voices from the margins in order to bring their insights to manage current challenges that we face. As we learn and grow, we can better develop uniquely into who we are. Once we are able to locate ourselves in the larger story and to accept parts of ourselves we have unknowingly repressed and ignores, we become empowered to live our lives more fully with passion, emotion and meaning.