The word psychodrama can be misleading, so its very important to know more about its true meaning and purpose.

His founder was the psychiatrist and theater director Jacob Levi Moreno, who saw the potential and positive effects of acting in the treatment of his clients. He personally develops and define psychodrama in this words:”it is a method that probes the truth of the soul through action.”

Different from other approaches in psychotherapy, psychodrama innovates from using only the verbal treatment to incorporate action techniques that amplifies the possibilities of insights and emotional transformations required in a psychotherapeutic process.

The main goal in a psychodramatic psychotherapy is to develop spontaneity and creativity, in order to amplify and enrich the different roles and aspects of the self. These processes are vital in a journey of transformation and profound reflection.

This therapy is characterized by an alternation between narration and acting, of what may be an event in the life of a protagonist (patient) whose images may come from the past, present, fantasies of the future, emotions or dreams. Allowing the client to experience and reflect, this process gives the opportunity of an integrative and profound work that is unique and enriching.