Carlos Larrañaga

Depth Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychodramatist, Supervisor

Barcelona Psychotherapist and Sport Psychologist Carlos Larrañaga

My name is Carlos Larrañaga, im a psychologist and psychodramatist with a specialization in community clinical psychology and extensive formation as a sport psychologist. I am a member of the Spanish Association of Psychodrama and the Foro Iberoamericano de Psicodrama and former professor of the Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela.
I am enthusiastic about the meeting and the development of human potential. It motivates me to achieve understanding and accompany people in their processes of self-discovery that lead them to find meaning and joy in life. Building a therapeutic relationship generates creative and spontaneous process, which allows the access to the reflection and growth of the self. I believe that my career becomes a process of continuous learning and meeting with each other.
My interest in psychology is extensive, especially in the field of psychodrama, jungian psychology, addictions, community and sport psychology.


Phone: +34 665 012 549